Market Situation and Forecasts

PV installations forecast per region (GW) <span class="img_caption">Source: IHS</span>
According to IHS’ analysts, high electricity prices and falling PV costs will allow 700 MW of unsubsidized PV to be developed in 2014. Photo: <span class="img_caption">Fronius International GmbH</span>
Top five solar markets in 2013 and 2014 (forecast) <span class="img_caption">Source: IHS</span>
China has greatly expanded PV capacities and plans
to build even more utility-scale plants. <span class="img_caption">Photo: Suntech</span>
A 20 MW PV system on an industrial rooftop in Guangdong: In southern China’s province of Guangdong, abundant industrial rooftops provide the basis for the “Thousand Factories, Thousand Megawatts” program. <span class="img_caption">Photo: Sky Solar</span>