Photovoltaic Systems and the Importance of Electrical Components

PV system components (possible designs) <span class="img_caption">Chart: Sunbeam GmbH</span>
The grids of the future are set to be smart: Intelligent technology ensures that energy systems are equipped with information and communication technology to control the feed-in of decentralized energy.<span class="img_caption">Photo: Siemens AG</span>
Reliably operating a solar power plant requires the electrical components to be regularly inspected. <span class="img_caption">Photo: SMA Solar Technology AG</span>
Solar inverters must provide an optimal yield, flexibility for system design and module compatibility. <span class="img_caption">Photo: Danfoss GmbH</span>
Power installation for a village in China <span class="img_caption">Photo: Solarworld AG</span>